Frequently Asked Questions


We require all will call orders to be over $50 and all delivery orders over $150.

You can reserve your order online or call/email us to create a quote which will be emailed directly to you to digitally sign and securely pay the required deposit. 

Your items are not reserved until a 50% non-refundable deposit has been placed. 

We accept all major credit and debit cards. We also accept cash and check payments, however, we still require a card on file for liability purposes but will not be charged unless an incidence occurs. 

One-day rentals typically consist of delivery the business day before your event, and pickup the following business day after your event. We are closed on Sundays and will not be charged. 

We have a limited inventory on everything and our policy is first come first serve. We do typically book up during peak season so we advise placing a deposit as soon possible to ensure being able to rent all desired items.


We are currently allowing Will Call orders that meet certain restrictions. Contact your sales rep to see if your order applies.

Delivery and pickup prices are based on distance from our warehouse. Build your cart and insert your contact info to see your specific price.

Delivery and pickup will be scheduled once closer to your event. Delivery typically is the day before your event and picked up the following business day after your event. All Saturday events will be picked up on the following Monday. A fee may apply for specific time windows.
You are not required to be present during delivery and pickup, however, please give our team detailed instructions of where you would like everything to be stored. If a tent is to be installed, please mark all 4 corners with temporary objects and mark sprinklers if desired.
All linens will come on hangers in a supplied drawstring bag that the used linens can be placed into once used.
Empty all glassware and place back in racks upside down. Rinse or scrape off all dinnerware, chafers of excess food. 

Managing My Order

A salesman must be notified immediately of any cancellation to refund any additional balance apart from the 50% deposit.

Yes. We understand unforeseen circumstances may arise; therefore, dependent on availability, we will do our best to accommodate postponements for future dates.

Damaged items under renter’s watch will be assessed and charged if necessary with card on file. See contract agreement for further details.

Any remaining balance is due prior to delivery. All exceptions must be considered by our staff.


Yes, all tents, with the exception of the 10′ x 10′ pop-ups, will be set up and taken down by our staff. We do not allow exceptions.
Our staff will notify Blue Stakes of Utah, on all staked tents, 48 hours prior to delivery to mark all public utilities that may be in the vicinity. It is your obligation to mark private utilities (sprinkler lines) if necessary. Rocky Mountain Rental is not liable for any unmarked private lines damaged. To help us keep the tents clean, make sure to turn off all sprinklers 24 hours prior to delivery to insure a dry lawn. Dry feet also keep our crews happy!

Sidewalls are optional and can be added onto any tent. We offer both solid (blockout) and french window style walls. Walls are easy to hang and customers are welcome to set up walls themselves if desired. 

See our tent layout guide for helping on choosing the best size for your event.

Tents will withstand high winds if properly anchored. If extreme weather conditions are threatening then please contain loose items and evacuate the tent area.